Vox Crypto: Kryotech’s Next-Gen Cryptocurrency Wallet Sets the Standard for Security and Regulation


Vox Crypto: Kryotech's Next-Gen Cryptocurrency Wallet Sets the Standard for Security and Regulation

London — In a groundbreaking leap toward reshaping the cryptocurrency landscape, Kryotech Ltd., a renowned innovator in the realm of encrypted applications, has announced its strategic partnership with Transak and WalletGuard to introduce Vox Crypto. This state-of-the-art cryptocurrency wallet is poised to redefine the way users manage and exchange digital assets, offering a secure and regulated solution that sets it apart in an increasingly crowded market.

The key distinguishing factor of Vox Crypto lies in its unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance, ensuring users have a safe and trustworthy haven for their digital assets. In a remarkable move, Kryotech Ltd. is in the process of formal registration with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), an endeavor that positions Vox Crypto as the sole crypto wallet with financial regulation – a pivotal step in reinforcing its pledge of security and dependability.

JB Benjamin, the visionary founder of Vox Crypto, noted, “The cryptocurrency market’s inherent volatility has left many investors on edge concerning the safety and protection of their digital assets. While numerous crypto wallets claim to be secure, they often fall short in terms of regulatory oversight, leaving users exposed to potential risks.
“Vox Crypto provides the solution by offering a safe and regulated environment for storing and managing digital assets, and facilitates buying, transferring, and selling crypto to multiple recipients for a single gas (transaction) fee, thanks to our highly efficient smart contract.”

JB Benjamin, Vox Crypto
Beyond the realm of security and compliance, Vox Crypto is designed to provide a seamless experience for users. It boasts easy integration with debit/credit cards or bank accounts via Transak, guaranteeing a frictionless transition between fiat and cryptocurrencies. The partnership with WalletGuard introduces features like automatic transaction simulation, robust wallet drainer, and phishing protection, ensuring the utmost security for every transaction.

Gareth Murfin, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Kryotech, elucidated, “The core strength of Vox Crypto lies in our comprehensive security measures, designed to fortify users’ assets against theft, hacking, and other vulnerabilities. Our platform leverages cutting-edge encryption technology, multi-signature authentication, and cold storage to safeguard digital assets. We maintain a vigilant stance on security protocol updates, ensuring maximum protection against evolving threats.”

Kryotech Ltd. has a distinguished history of pioneering encrypted applications, exemplified by the launch of the world’s first post-quantum encrypted messenger, Vox Messenger, in 2017. This groundbreaking app has since accumulated a robust user base spanning over 60,000 users across more than 30 countries. Currently available on Android and soon to debut on iOS, Vox Messenger serves as a testament to Kryotech Ltd.’s commitment to furnishing secure communication tools for the digital age.

Anticipation within the crypto community is palpable as Vox Crypto gears up for availability on Android, iOS, and desktop platforms. The pre-registration phase is set to commence on October 12, 2023, allowing early adopters to be among the first to experience this revolutionary wallet. Vox Crypto is poised to set a new benchmark for security, regulation, and convenience in the cryptocurrency wallet landscape.


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