Shytoshi Kusama Sends New Message About Ensuring Shibarium Safety and SHIB Burns


Shytoshi Kusama Sends New Message About Ensuring Shibarium Safety and SHIB Burns

In the “Shibarium Tech” group on Telegram, the lead developer of SHIB Shytoshi Kusama has answered the question about BONE staking rewards not being distributed yet, about lack of new validators and about the steps the dev team are taking to “remedy things” at the moment.

“Particular strategy of adding validators”, SHIB burns on Shibarium

A Telegram user, fan of Shibarium and its cryptocurrencies, asked a question as to why Shibarium staking rewards have not been yet distributed and also why there are still only 12 validators on the network, while their number was promised to expand to more than a hundred.

Shytoshi responded to that, saying that the SHIB team are using a “particular strategy” when adding validators in order to ensure the safety of the Shibarium network. He stressed that this strategy implies gradual integration of new validators since adding them instantaneously would “put the chain in jeopardy”.

As for the rewards, Shytoshi stated that “rewards have been increased and forthcoming”, also touching upon the token of SHIB burns powered by Shibarium. Per the lead developer, burning begins from $25,000 worth of BONE converted into SHIB in the contract. Since this is quite a large sum and constitutes 3,607,503,607 Shiba Inu, accumulating this amount of BONE make take “longer than many expect once again”, Shytoshi clarified.

Kusama assured that to overcome these issues, the developers keep working hard behind the scenes and take on new people in order to scale. However, they prefer to remain quiet and not to reveal their strategy completely to the community. Shytoshi also recommended the concerned author of the aforementioned questions to check his recent message “for a hint to how this will change”.

Shytoshi Kusama Sends New Message About Ensuring Shibarium Safety and SHIB Burns

Shytoshi responds to critics about SHIB price not rising

On Sunday, Kusama took to X social media platform to respond a question from a critic about “SHIB price not moving an inch”. Kusama stated that making the Shiba Inu price move takes a lot of “true work” and that “those who Bark the loudest aren’t the ones working.”

Overall, the SHIB team seems to be working on something big as recently Shytoshi stated in the Telegram group that “something’s brewing”. Besides, prior to that he mentioned a recent meeting with some members of the Shibarium partner Bad Idea AI. He said that in the course of the meeting they discussed “secret and not so secret” AI initiatives for Shiba Inu.

Artificial intelligence getting trendy in crypto space

Artificial Intelligence has become a popular and promising trend recently, especially after the launch of ChatGPT and Elon Musk creating his own company to work on AI, which would be “not woke” to compete with ChatGPT creator Open AI.

Currently, many crypto projects are integrating AI and make their coins based on artificial intelligence. Bad Idea AI is one of those ambitious crypto projects.


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