Shibarium Partner Bad Idea AI (BAD) Issues Critical Warning to SHIB Army


Shibarium Partner Bad Idea AI (BAD) Issues Critical Warning to SHIB Army

A major partner of the SHIB team and layer-2 network Shibarium, Bad Idea AI, issued a warning about a new scam threat to the SHIB army. Cryptocurrency users often have to deal with scams, hacks and phishing attacks, especially cryptos that are already established or are believed to have a lot of potential and are on the rise at the moment.

Since BAD is somewhat associated with Shibarium and the second largest meme cryptocurrency, Shiba Inu, now its users are under attack too.

BAD team issues crucial warning

The official Bad Idea AI account addressed the BAD and Shiba Inu communities to warn them about a new scam wave coming at them. According to the tweet, con artists have set up a group on Telegram that has been contacting users to offer them free BAD tokens in the form of an airdrop.

The official BAD account reminded the audience that it is conducting no airdrop, warning users not to fall for this trap. The tweet also urges the BAD and SHIB communities to always verify such doubtful offers via Bad Idea official channels, especially when their cryptocurrency wallets and holdings are at stake. They also warned the communities not to fall for FOMO (an acronym meaning “fear of missing out”) and greed since those are “vectors for hacks and phishing attempts.”

Reminder: there is NO airdrop for $BAD tokens currently active.

We have received numerous messages today about a scam telegram group contacting people offering free tokens.

Always verify with official channels before taking action of such magnitude, particularly involving your…

— Bad Idea AI (@badideaai) January 8, 2024

Earlier this week, Shiba Inu’s marketing lead Lucie also issued a warning to the SHIB community about the current volatile situation on the cryptocurrency market. Lucie stated that now that the market is expecting the decision on the spot Bitcoin ETF, the prices are going up and down since traders are trying to predict the outcome. Altcoins are getting hit since they are “smaller and riskier” than Bitcoin. “It’s a roller-coaster, so be cautious – it’s a quick game,” she tweeted.

Shib burns soar high

According to Shibburn wallet tracker, over the last 24 hours, the Shiba Inu community has disposed of 33,078,031 SHIB meme coins. The SHIB burn rate showed an impressive 693.07%. There have been nine burn transactions up to now. The largest one carried the majority of the above-mentioned meme coins – 30,979,949 SHIB 16 hours ago. The second largest one contained 1,000,000 SHIB.


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