Mixin Network announces $20M bug bounty to retrieve stolen assets


Mixin Network announces $20M bug bounty to retrieve stolen assets

As invezz.com reported, Hong Kong-based crypto firm Mixing Network suffered a massive hack that saw it lose $200 million in assets. The security breach forced the platform to temporarily suspend services as Google & blockchain security firm SlowMist assisted in investigations.

Meanwhile, Mixin Network has announced a $20M bug bounty to the perpetrators if they surrender the stolen assets. The firm remains hopeful that the hacker will reverse the transaction, stating that most of the scammed assets belonged to platform users.

Mixin urges the hackers to contact them via bug@mixin.one for more information about the bounty reward.

Mixin Network announces $20M bug bounty to retrieve stolen assets

Source – Etherscan

Mixin’s centralized aspect is a weakness

Mixin Network is a peer-to-peer platform focused on efficient and cost-effective cross-chain transactions. Nonetheless, it has faced criticism due to its centralized nature, which the perpetrators might have used to exploit the network.

Mixin founder Xiaodong Feng stated that the company would refund users up to 50% for the losses. He added that developers would distribute the remaining part as bond tokens, which Mixin would buy back using future profits.

Mixin’s incident and effect on the crypto sector

Mixin Network is now fighting to recover the loss and to ensure a secure platform to avoid future hacks. Meanwhile, the latest incident reflects the vulnerabilities in the broad crypto market. While Mixin remains dedicated to decentralization, privacy, and security, the attack underscores the ongoing difficulties.

Crypto entities continue to face challenges ensuring the safety of user assets. Blockchain firm Chainalysis highlighted a surge in crypto-related thefts, from 2021’s $3.3B to $3.8B in 2022. That indicates the urgent need to amplify security measures in this nascent industry.

Also, cryptocurrency associated crimes seem to dent Hong Kong’s push to be a global crypto hub. The region’s regulator, Securities & Futures Commission planned to name all entities that have applied for digital assets certificates.

That came amidst JPEX exchange scandal, which has left users with losses of over $190 million.

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