Indian Gynecologist Loses $132k+ in Crypto Scam on Facebook


Indian Gynecologist Loses $132k+ in Crypto Scam on Facebook

According to a report from Mumbai, India, a gynecologist has found himself in a harrowing situation, having lost a staggering sum of over $132,144, via a crypto scam. The report noted that the doctor lost the funds after engaging with a woman he met online who purportedly offered guidance in crypto investments.

Per the doctor’s complaint filed with India’s central cybercrime police station, the doctor’s ordeal commenced in August 2022. It started with an unsolicited message on Facebook regarding crypto trading from an individual identifying as Melissa Campbell. According to the report, the doctor and Campbell got talking about crypto investment after the lady positioned herself as a crypto trading expert.

Reportedly, Campbell offered assurances of substantial profits and recommended setting up a trading account. Therefore, the doctor provided personal information, including his mobile number, email address, and driver’s license, per the police report.

Following Campbell’s instructions, the doctor created his account on a crypto trading platform. Over time, he invested more than $132,000, purchasing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and stablecoin USDT. Also, under Campbell’s guidance, the gynecologist further transferred the cryptocurrencies to another wallet address with the promise of enhanced profits through trading.

Meanwhile, the doctor only inquired about the redemption process when he believed he had accrued substantial profits. In parallel, Campbell informed him that he needed to cover taxes and commissions. The report noted that the doctor desperately borrowed $33,636 from a friend to settle the outstanding bill. However, the demands for additional funds continued, leaving the doctor suspicious.

Nearly a year after the ordeal began, the doctor contacted the police to lodge a First Information Report (FIR) for cheating under the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The matter is currently under investigation.

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