Frantic Customer Calls JPMorgan Chase As $10,700 Exits Bank Account – Now the Banking Giant Says It’s Not To Blame: Report


Frantic Customer Calls JPMorgan Chase As $10,700 Exits Bank Account – Now the Banking Giant Says It’s Not To Blame: Report

Banking giant JPMorgan Chase is reportedly refusing to make a customer whole after thousands of dollars exited her account in a slick banking scam.

Colorado resident Betsy Rich says she received a text message last month asking her to authorize a $1,700 transaction from her JPMorgan Chase account, reports the ABC-affiliated news station KMGH.

After abruptly denying the suspicious transaction, she says she received a call from someone whose phone number matched the customer support number on her Chase debit card. Rich says the person knew her account number, address and balance and told her that someone was trying to move funds out of her account.

At that point, Rich says she used another phone to contact Chase.

“It was very urgent, and he said that it was continuing as we were speaking. So, I immediately picked up the other phone and called Chase Fraud. It was a 20-minute wait. Their live chat wasn’t available either. And our branch wasn’t open.”

While waiting on hold with Chase, Rich says the scammer convinced her to change her PIN, telling her that she might lose more money if she failed to take action. Shortly after changing her PIN, $10,700 was drained from her Chase account.

After the debacle, Rich says she received a letter from Chase telling her that her fraud claim was denied.

“It says, ‘We are denying your claim because we determined that the items being disputed were authorized.’ No, they weren’t!”

Although her claim was denied, Chase returned $1,700 in wire transfers.

KMGH reached out to Chase to learn more about the case. The banking giant replied with a statement warning its customers not to give away their PINs.

“Beware of new contacts asking you for codes, access to your device, or to send them or yourself money in order to prevent fraudulent activity… Chase, other banks, law enforcement, and technology companies won’t ask you to do this, but scammers will.”

Despite being promptly alerted of the fraudulent incident, Chase decided to only partially reimburse Rich in the amount of $1,700


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