Crypto Investor Loses $2.34M in $SUPER Tokens to Phishing Scam


Crypto Investor Loses $2.34M in $SUPER Tokens to Phishing Scam

In a shocking turn of events, a cryptocurrency investor lost $2.34 million in $SUPER tokens to a phishing fraud. This recent incident shows the ongoing threats from cryptocurrency scammers. Wallet address (…d6a29cd83c) identifies the unhappy person. Scammer (…3136b89a1e2) is on the other end of this fraudulent transaction. The victim unknowingly authorized an “increaseAllowance” transaction, allowing the fraudster to exploit loopholes and deceive them.

another victim lost $2.34 million worth of $SUPER to crypto phishing about 45 minutes ago.

— Scam Sniffer | Web3 Anti-Scam (@realScamSniffer) January 27, 2024

Scammers Utilize CREATE2 in New Wave of Deceptive Tactics

The scammer used CREATE2 to create a temporary address. This approach allows scammers to evade wallet security by creating new addresses for each invalid signature. This reminds cryptocurrency users to be cautious and vigilant against phishing. Exercise caution in common circumstances where deception is popular to avoid being a victim of such scams. Scammers utilize Create2 to trick users and compromise wallet security with Wallet Drainers.

Users should also learn about common phishing indicators used by scammers to steal NFTs and tokens. These patterns help users identify and avoid potential threats, protecting their digital resources from unauthorized access.

$SUPER Drops 20% in Wake of Phishing Strike

Phishing incidents affect the crypto market as well as the victims. This strike dropped $SUPER by 20%. The drop in the value highlights the direct impact on individual victims. This incident emphasizes the necessity for security and awareness for users in the crypto world. Malicious software called Wallet Drainers has carried out a series of successful attacks over the past year. Malicious software on false websites tricks users into authorizing harmful transactions that drain their cryptocurrency wallets.

Wallet Drainers stole $295 million from 324,000 victims last year, according to Scam Sniffer. The March 11 heist of $7 million highlights the problem. Fraudulent Circle websites used USDC exchange rate fluctuation to fool people. Theft often coincides with cryptocurrency community events, like Arbitrum’s Discord breach on March 24. These incidents are often linked to airdrops or hacker attacks, making users more vulnerable.

As the crypto industry evolves, users must stay vigilant, take precautions, and keep informed. The recent $SUPER token phishing incident highlights the risks of owning digital assets and the need for effective security protocols. Cryptocurrency frauds change frequently, so caution and knowledge are essential.


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