Bitcoin Fan Tim Draper Issues Warning About Chilling AI Scam


Bitcoin Fan Tim Draper Issues Warning About Chilling AI Scam

In a recent social media post, venture capitalist and renowned Bitcoin enthusiast Tim Draper alerted his followers to a concerning development: the rise of AI voice cloning scams that are making unauthorized use of his voice.

Draper firmly stated that he would never ask the public for money and warned against falling for such deceptive tactics.

AI voice cloning scams

AI tools are increasingly being employed by cybercriminals to mimic voices, often targeting celebrities and other public figures. These scams involve using AI programs to replicate a person’s voice from short audio samples, sometimes as brief as three seconds, sourced from social media or other online platforms. Once a voice is cloned, scammers can manipulate it to convey various emotions and send deceptive messages to unsuspecting recipients, usually in a bid to extract money or confidential information.

This burgeoning threat is not limited to private figures. Public instances have emerged of fake audio clips featuring political figures, leading to potential political repercussions.

Despite these AI-generated audios being debunked, they continue to sow discord, especially when left unchecked on platforms. Actor Tom Hanks and other celebrities have also been victims of such AI voice cloning scams, highlighting the breadth and potential impact of this issue.

Draper’s renewed Bitcoin prediction

Draper, known for his early adoption and bullish stance on Bitcoin, has recently revised his Bitcoin price prediction. Previously forecasting Bitcoin to hit $250,000 by the end of 2022, Draper has adjusted his expectations due to current market conditions, now eyeing 2025 for the cryptocurrency to reach this milestone. At present, Bitcoin is trading far away from Draper’s goal. However, his faith in the cryptocurrency remains unwavering.

Draper’s Bitcoin advocacy dates back to 2014 when he made a significant investment, purchasing 29,656 bitcoins for a whopping $18.7 million at a U.S. Marshals auction.

His belief in Bitcoin’s potential growth is based on various factors, including an expected rise in female investors and possible cost savings for retailers.


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