Analyst Unveils Mysteries Within Binance and Hamas Terrorist Group


Analyst Unveils Mysteries Within Binance and Hamas Terrorist Group

In a distressing turn of events, Hamas, the militant group connected with a previous allegation of Binance, has launched an unprecedented attack on Israel, killing more than 200 individuals. The shocking early-morning attack on Saturday began with rocket fire in Israel and became dreadful with the invasion of Hamas members from Gaza.

Previously, in March 2023, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) alleged that Binance senior officers were involved in criminal transactions, spotlighting a connection with the Hamas militant group. The statement read, “Internally, Binance officers, employees, and agents have acknowledged that the Binance platform has facilitated potentially illegal activities.”

A subsequent report stated that Israeli authorities seized more than 190 Binance accounts that allegedly held ties with Hamas and another mysterious group, Daesh. The government seized the funds held by the accounts in order to “thwart the activity” and block them from further aiding the group’s malpractices.

Adam Cochran, a prominent figure in the crypto industry, commented on the matter, reflecting on the Hamas group’s alleged connection with one of the major players in the crypto space, Binance. He shed light on the savage brutality of the previous day’s attack, dismissing any space for the view that “Hamas was not a terrorist group”.

When this Binance conversation first made the rounds, lots of people took the wrong view that “Hamas was not a terrorist organization”

No matter what you think of the complex geopolitical situations in the region, todays attack was an act of terror and their ability to move…

— Adam Cochran (adamscochran.eth) (@adamscochran) October 7, 2023

Cochran further validated his perspectives on the terrorist activities of the Hamas group, reiterating that the group’s intention of “cleansing the area”, was an instance of “terrorism”, and neither “resistance” nor “freedom fighting”. Adding a clear picture of the incident, Cochran cited, “It was missiles rained down on civilian populations, and fired at random civilians as gunmen drove down Israeli streets.”

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