2.5 Billion TL Fraud Allegation in Izmir Token, Turkey’s First City Token!


2.5 Billion TL Fraud Allegation in Izmir Token, Turkey's First City Token!

Within the scope of the 2.5 billion TL fraud allegation in İzmir Token, Turkey’s first city token, Karşıyaka Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office issued a detention order for 30 people, including Sedat Ocakçı, owner of Ocakçı Holding, the financier of İzmir Token.

Within the scope of an investigation carried out by the Karşıyaka Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, 20 out of 30 people were detained in Izmir, accused of defrauding many people by promising that they would make a profit in cryptocurrency exchanges and establish a drone factory.

It is claimed that the suspects collected 2.5 billion lira from approximately 2,500 people with this method.

Taking action upon the instructions of the Karşıyaka Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Izmir Provincial Police Department’s Financial Crimes Fighting Branch Directorate teams carried out a simultaneous operation against 30 people, including Ocakçı Holding owner Sedat Ocakçı, for whom a detention warrant was issued this morning.

Searches were also carried out at Ocakçı Holding and its affiliated businesses. As a result of the searches, it was noted that the holding building was empty and the company signs were removed.

Cyber security expert Salih Han, nephew of Ocakçı Holding owner Sedat Ocakçı, who was among the 30 people for whom a detention order was issued, fled to Dubai with a cold wallet containing 2.5 billion lira.

However, Ocakçı Holding owner Sedat Ocakçı and his wife Seçilay Ocakçı were caught and detained during an operation carried out in a residence where they were hiding in Adana to escape abroad.

Ocakçı Holding came to the fore by making an investment of 15 million as a result of the protocol signed with Barış Turgut, who offered Izmir Token to the public.

After this investment, Ocakçı Holding made the victims trust themselves and give their money by promising to provide high interest returns of 10% to 20%; As a result, it is claimed that approximately 2,500 people were victimized.

Statement from Izmir Token Project!

The following statement was made regarding the profiteering from the Izmir Token project:

“Sedat Ocakçı, whose name was mentioned in the news, is one of the seed investors in the pre-sale phase of Izmir Token, which has the feature of the world’s first City Token, and the Izmir Tokens he owned within the scope of this investment were transferred by him, as stated before.

In this context, there is no other bond or official relationship between Sedat Ocakçı and İzmir Token other than this issue created with the investment.

Izmir Tokens, like other tokens, are currencies created on existing blockchains and publicly circulated.

We respectfully announce to the public and valuable Izmir Token investors that all our activities continue through the local crypto exchange Bzetmex, that our network is expanding with local and foreign investors every day, that transactions are carried out through the secure Ethereum infrastructure and therefore security measures are kept at the highest level and will be kept at the highest level from now on. “

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— İzmir Token (@izmirtoken) February 6, 2024

*This is not investment advice.


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