The Weaponization Of Money And Financial Rails Must End


The Weaponization Of Money And Financial Rails Must End

For decades, people all over the world have seen money weaponized in the constant, pointless, deadly and unethical geopolitical games played by a handful of sociopathic “leaders” who believe the world is nothing more than a spherical game board upon which they play their “Great Game,” where territories are fought over and captured, fortunes made and lost and the people of Earth are nothing more than cattle.

They are able to do this because they have absolute control over the form and supply of the money that the people of the world are forced to use. It is through this fraudulent “fiat currency” that their ability to steal from the population by stealth is achieved, executed and entrenched, diverting the spending power of billions of people into their perverted mass murder war machines and anti human evils like socialism, “regime change,” innumerate childish ideas like “universal basic income” and every other insane nonsense the febrile minds of the statists can concoct in their fever dreams of world domination. If you want to learn about this in detail, you should read, “What Has Government Done To Our Money?” by Murray Rothbard.

In the decades of the 20th century after World War II, the fiat money fraud and its destruction of the wealth of the people was accelerated, as were the outrages, abominations and synthetic geopolitical conflicts. There was no way to remove consent from their evil system, because the form of money was under their absolute control. Now, however, Bitcoin exists, and is spreading like a cleansing fire on Dartmoor, burning up the fraudulent fiat paper and computer account money and replacing it with a secure database that is owned by no one, enforcing ethics and rigorous mathematics on everyone everywhere.

Bitcoin Is Not Money, It’s A Database

Bitcoin is not money. It is a database whose rules are fixed. You can have access to this database by simply downloading it yourself or using a consumer grade interface tool to interact with it. Billions of people on earth have these interfaces in their pockets, they’re called “mobile phones,” and when users have Samourai Wallet, Muun, Phoenix, Wallet of Satoshi, Pine, Blue Wallet or Breez installed on their phones, no one can confiscate their synthetic money, or “bitcoin” as it is commonly known.

Bitcoin will end the use of financial rails and money as weapons in geopolitical conflicts. For all civilized people, it is not and cannot be acceptable that a single “side” controls the banking rails (SWIFT) or consumer credit and debit cards (Mastercard, Visa). When one side takes actions to cut off an entire nation, the ordinary people of that nation are the ones who suffer the most, not the “oligarchs,” tyrants and despots. Financial sanctions hurt ordinary people, the vast majority of whom do not have any stake in the system or the nation, or any share or interest in geopolitical conflicts.

The Canadian government cut off the truckers from financial services, and cut off anyone who supported them. Now in Canada, some people are withdrawing their money from banks and moving it to jurisdictions where the rules are less dangerous to ordinary people who happen to have an opinion that is different from the dictator there. What they should be doing is moving their money into bitcoin, where the only rules are the rules of the network, which everyone knows in advance, not to another jurisdiction with arbitrary rules and fraudulent money.

In Bitcoin, there is no fat, white-haired oligarch controlling the supply of money. This means there is no one who can unilaterally steal the value of your savings, as the central banks currently do. It means that once you have bitcoin, you know its value in the future. There is no one who can declare that “the supply of bitcoin has now doubled.” This is what happens with the U.S. dollar and all other fiat. Even if there were no confiscation or deplatforming laws in Canada, and “your money” was safe there, the fiat system would still be stealing your stored value from you by design, day by day.

And do not let anyone deceive you about the value of bitcoin as expressed on Bitcoin exchanges. The true value of Bitcoin is one bitcoin equals one bitcoin over time, and that can never, ever cease being true. One dollar from 1976 is totally different in value to $1 today. No one, not even the lying central bankers, denies this. Inflation is an increase in the supply of money, not an increase in prices. You have been lied to, and as long as you use fiat money as your money, you are accepting the lie.

Bitcoin Is The Internet, Fiat Is Minitel

In the mid-part of the 20th century, there was a system in France called “Minitel,” which was a national “proto internet” that was widely distributed. You could book airline tickets on it, check the weather and send electronic mail to other Minitel users. It was available only in France, and the rest of the world was cut off.

Then came the internet.

The internet allowed free access to everyone, everywhere on a single set of fundamental protocols upon which anyone could write software tools and services. Browsers were written on it, web servers and chat tools were written for it. You didn’t need permission to write a tool or release a service, unlike with Minitel, which was a closed service requiring permission from the owners of the network. Similarly, CompuServe in the U.S, was like Minitel; a closed service controlled by a single corporation. What came next should be obvious to anyone who can think.

Individuals and companies migrated to the internet from proprietary closed networks, and the internet grew exponentially as people realized that you could do whatever you wanted on it, and make a profit.

The internet is to Minitel/Compuserve as Bitcoin is to banks/SWIFT/Mastercard/Visa. The internet wiped out all proprietary, closed, national information networks and companies. Bitcoin will wipe out SWIFT, Mastercard, Visa and banks, because anyone can work with Bitcoin without permission, and build whatever they want to fill a market need or create new markets that would be impossible due to the fossil gatekeepers in glass towers who think bitcoin is “rat poison.”

Anyone who knows the history of the internet, Minitel and CompuServe knows that open networks are always superior to closed ones, and the free market outperforms gatekept industries and tools. Think “Wikipedia versus ‘Encyclopedia Britannica.’” No one in their right mind thinks publishing giant books is a good way to make an encyclopedia today (or the basis of a profitable business), and yet, this is exactly what the Luddites are claiming when they say Bitcoin can’t work.

CBDCs Can Never Match Bitcoin

Given all of these irrefutable facts, it is bizarre (but not unexpected) that the same people who run the central banks that are about to be replaced, just as encyclopedias have been, are trying to force everyone to use the Luddite and irrational “CBDCs.”

CBDCs can never (if they ever are launched at all) beat the interoperability, neutrality and efficiency of Bitcoin, and because they will not be based on sound money principles and ethics, can never begin to approach Bitcoin on those levels either. Bear in mind also that no government has staff competent enough to write a simple text editor, let alone a platform to rival Bitcoin, even if they had the economic principles and ethics correct.

CBDCs will also fail under exposure to bitcoin in the market because every country will have their own deranged version and none of them will be interoperable, whereas Bitcoin is a single, neutral, globally-accepted interoperable standard that cannot be corrupted or changed. Imagine EU/CBDC versus U.S./CBDC. The French may target an inflation rate of 4% while the U.S. wants an inflation rate of 2%. Both of these governments will quite naturally want the ability to create CBDCs out of thin air to wage war (as well as cut people off), just as they do with fiat money now. No one who can think would accept either of these fraudulent systems, and exchanging between them will be fraught with uncertainty.

Bear in mind also that the smaller nation states will not be able to create a CBDC on their own, lacking the expertise or means to create a home-grown one. They’ll probably be required to join one of the “bigger” CBDCs launched by a G20 nation. This will entrench their status as vassal nations. A nation’s control of the money its citizens use is a key feature of sovereignty; the British understood this, which is why they never joined the euro system and eventually left the EU altogether.

Which brings us finally to one of the most profound effects Bitcoin will have on geopolitics. Without the means to create money out of nothing ad hoc, nation states will cease to be sovereigns in this crucial area of life, and will become “vassals of Bitcoin.” Said less threateningly, it will mean that all nation states will be under the same, equally applied and perfectly just, fiscal discipline. They will not be able to steal money from citizens through inflation, and their ability to project power globally will be permanently disabled.

The people of the world will be able and incentivized to save money, which is the basis of a sound economy. That sound economy will benefit all members of society, from the very rich to the poorest, by aligning all incentives to the locus of ethical behavior free from the distortions and irresistible temptations and blood thirst created by fiat.

If you are against any of this, you are by definition unethical, and on the wrong side of history. No psychologically-normal person is for the mass theft, murder and horrors of the State, and whether or not you like it, Bitcoin is, and it will prevent the evil system you believe in from spilling more blood.

This is a guest post by Beautyon. Opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.


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